WELCOME! to the Atlantic Tool & Die information highway. You can use this site to interact with ATD to transmit large data files. Within this site we have the ability to download and upload files allowing communication between our customers and suppliers alike.

Requirements to utilize the site are simply a broadband internet connection and having an FTP Client.

We encourage the use of an FTP client such as FileZilla to access our FTP site.
Our server address is ftp.atlantictool.com
We no longer allow Anonymous access to the FTP site, please contact us to request guest access to the site.
Click on the email address to request access atdinfo@atlantictool.com
To upload information click on the “UPLOADS” folder and place your content there.
To download information click on the “DOWNLOADS” folder.

Thank you for your inquiry and providing information. We will respond to you as quickly as possible. We appreciate your business and the opportunity to serve you!