From custom-fit ventilation panels to complex air-handling machines, nearly all HVAC components depend on precision metal fabrication services. Proper material choice and fabrication methods are essential to meet system design requirements while accounting for various safety and energy-efficiency standards.

Atlantic Tool & Die Co. provides precision-engineered parts that meet our customers’ unique HVAC system specifications. Learn why metal fabrication is crucial in the HVAC industry, the benefits of partnering with us, and the materials we work with.

Metal Fabrication for the HVAC Industry

Building structures of all kinds rely on effective HVAC systems. HVAC sheet metal fabrication involves cutting, bending, and assembling sheet metal to create the parts used in air-handling units. Ducts, vents, and machine parts vary widely in terms of both size and complexity. Effective HVAC designs and fabrications depend on diligent planning and skilled labor to ensure each component fits properly into the final assembly and maintains safe, effective air distribution.

HVAC fabrication specialists use computer-aided design (CAD) software to account for the intricate details and precise fit of HVAC components. HVAC sheet metal design must also be built to various safety and energy-efficiency standards. For these reasons and more, effective HVAC sheet metal fabrication is indispensable to maintaining comfortable interior ventilation and temperatures throughout the year.

Why Does Your HVAC System Need Custom Fabrication Services?

Custom HVAC sheet metal fabrication services from Atlantic Tool & Die provide numerous benefits for both HVAC companies and end users:

  • Reduced long-term energy costs
  • More effective and efficient HVAC system tailored to specific needs
  • Greater quality control and consistency

The HVAC Sheet Metal Fabrication Process

After our design engineers verify the final CAD design, we begin the fabrication process in earnest, using a combination of:

  • Cutting
  • Bending
  • Forming
  • Welding

We also provide in-house assembly services, so customers can be assured of receiving properly fitted components that perform as expected.

HVAC Component Materials

Proper HVAC design also relies on selecting the right materials. The most common materials for HVAC sheet metal fabrication include:

  • Aluminum: Where possible, many HVAC applications use aluminum because it is lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and easy to form. Aluminum is also an excellent thermal conductor, a very advantageous quality for many HVAC components, such as heat exchangers. Furthermore, aluminum is an affordable, easily recycled material, making it a sustainable choice.
  • Galvanized Steel: By coating steel with a protective zinc oxide layer, galvanized steel strongly resists rust and corrosion. It also withstands moisture, an important feature for HVAC systems that handle condensate. Overall, galvanized steel is a durable, long-lasting choice for HVAC components that must withstand mechanical strain and harsh environmental conditions.
  • Stainless Steel: Stainless steel offers exceptional resistance to rust and corrosion, both from humidity and caustic substances. These benefits make stainless steel essential for HVAC components that come into contact with chemicals and/or moisture.
  • Copper: Being even more thermally conductive than aluminum, copper is an extremely efficient choice for heat exchangers, coils, and refrigerant lines. Copper also resists corrosion, and its antimicrobial properties contribute to better indoor air quality (IAQ). This latter point is essential to mitigate the spread of bacteria and fungi throughout the HVAC system.

HVAC Metal Fabrication Services from Atlantic Tool & Die Co.

Our precision sheet metal stamping, forming, and welding services support the rigorous demands of a variety of HVAC fabrication needs. Since 1937, Atlantic Tool & Die has fulfilled complex metal fabrication challenges in a variety of industries, and we’ve continually expanded our capabilities with leading-edge technology, value-added services, and advanced quality control processes.

Contact us or request a quote to discuss your HVAC sheet metal fabrication requirements with our experienced design engineers.