• Resistance, projection, menual, & arc welding
  • Tapping, riveting, assembly
  • Poka-yoke inspection and design & build
  • Fixture design & build
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Atlantic Tool & Die is a reputable manufacturing company specializing in small or large-scale welded assemblies achieved via arc, resistance, and projection welding. Our experienced team of machinists can effortlessly create superior welds, allowing us to deliver products that meet the highest quality industry standards.

What are Welded Assemblies?

Welded assemblies are two disparate pieces accomplished using heat and pressure to melt and join them together. It makes a solid and durable bond that can’t be disassembled. These products are manufactured through welding, and we utilize three of the most popular welding techniques available: arc, resistance, and projection.

Resistance Welding

In resistance welding, welds are achieved through pressure and an electric current. It heats the joints and melts the material, which forges them together to create the resistance weld.

Resistance welding comes in different types for specific applications. Our resistance welder has years of experience in each type, so you can trust us to provide consistent results with precision and accuracy.

Types of resistance welding available:

  • Resistance spot welding
  • Resistance seam welding
  • Resistance projection welding

Projection Welding

A form of resistance welding, projection welding is a technique we focus on due to its outcome. It employs pressure, electric current, and weld time to create welds in one or two points for maximum contact.

The result is a greater weld strength without using too much energy. Furthermore, projection welding is commonly used to weld thicker materials, unlike spot welding, where thinner materials are more suitable.

Why opt for projection welding?

  • Increased production rate
  • Closer and better welds
  • Enhanced finishes
  • Durable welds that won’t break under high levels of stress or strain

Common Applications of Welded Assemblies

Regardless of the welding technique used, welded assemblies can be found in numerous demanding industries, such as automotive, marine, military & defense, construction and agriculture.

Since welding is the most cost-effective and versatile way of fabricating small and large structures, parts, and components, many applications can be satisfied with this process, such as:

  • Automotive body frames
  • Engine mounts
  • Crane cable rollers
  • Appliances
  • Door mechanisms
  • Cam locks
  • Gasketing
  • Pressure vessels

Welding is an appropriate and befitting manufacturing process that can meet the needs of our clients. We can work according to your specifications and requirements to ensure we produce outcomes that will improve your bottom line.

Choose Experienced Professionals to Deliver Superior Outcomes

If you need quality welded assemblies for your next project, choose Atlantic Tool & Die. Our in-house facility and team of professionals will manufacture products that will drive success to your projects.

If you want to know more about welded assemblies and other services we offer, don’t hesitate to contact us today. You may also request a quote, and we can find a cost-effective solution tailored to your needs without compromising quality.


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